I started this one business that inserted commas all over the place.

We insert commas in oceans, we insert commas in med students, we insert commas in Russian lawyers, we insert commas in pink t-shirts, we insert commas in nightstands, we insert commas in envelopes, we insert commas in finches, we insert commas in chain-link fences, we insert commas in downtowns & uptowns & suburbs & rural areas & all other sorts of places.

In these modern worlds there are so many ways to keep the truth hidden from the cardiac patients. The constancy of experience is a turgid challenge. It is tiring to follow the roots up the walls & the ink from the pen.

I can never do anything right & no one talks to me—you could call it loneliness, but it’s the concept of completion, the sine wave of happiness & the constantly ringing bells.

& so we insert commas into pewter ladies. We insert commas into jail. We insert commas in bouquets of flowers. We insert commas in declarations of love. We insert commas in accusations. We insert commas in lonely first time mothers. We insert commas in the long quiet passages of sadness that fill the apartment walls.

The difficulty of information is a difficulty of presence. It’s like the weather in California if you’re used to the dank interior of caves. My big dream revolves around a halting, stumbling version of a dollar bill.

We insert commas into the affairs that one married person has with another married person. We insert commas into the lingering memories of eye contact with that beautiful stranger at the grocery store & the wistful, unspoken desire to touch the skin, a stranger’s skin, at the base of the neck, where it rises tidally into the throat.

We insert commas into still glasses of cold tap water. We insert commas into people stepping outside their homes in order to get some air & the falling asleep on some unknown avenue.

Mathias Svalina, I Am a Very Productive Entrepreneur


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